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Pigs belong on the land!

We watched Food, Inc. And our lives changed.

Hey there, Sandy here.

You know, our whole farming adventure started after watching the film Food, Inc.  Tom and I were so appalled with the ways pigs and chickens were being treated in confinement operations but felt we had no way to help them. 

On my way to work the next day, a livestock truck pulled up alongside me while I stopped at a light.  It was jam-packed with pigs squished together so tightly they couldn’t move. This was the first time (and last) they had ever seen the sun.

I looked into their eyes and knew I had to do something.  And, having been a meat-lover all my life, I knew that becoming a vegetarian was not the right choice for me.  But I also knew that continuing to purchase box store meat would just make the problem worse. 

factory farm pig

When I got home that day I said, “Tom, we’re getting pigs.”  I’ll never forget the look on his face. 

Tom said, “What do you know about pigs?”  I thought about it and replied, “Nothing, but we’ll figure it out.” 

And so it began…….

Our journey began with 2 small pigs.  They were such great teachers.  I knew nothing about pigs and had many biased opinions, that I am sure, are shared by many.  I thought pigs were smelly and dumb, and not friendly. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

illinois pastured pork

The reality is that pigs are extremely intelligent and inquisitive creatures.  They have strong family bonds and can be very gentle.  The more we learned about the pigs, the more we came to love them.  They’re incredibly smart, and I am constantly amazed by their problem-solving abilities. 

Then, the day came to process them and say goodbye to my friends. It was very difficult.  But I took comfort in the fact that we made every day of their life on this farm as stress-free as humanely possible. 

The pigs blessed us, through their sacrifice, with the best tasting meat I had ever experienced.  We shared with family and friends and they were amazed at the quality. 

After a few days, Tom and I realized how much we missed the pigs.  So we got more of them, each blessing us with their presence and, later, their meat. 

We were hooked on raising pigs. Today we breed and raise registered Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs.  We will continue to as long as we’re able. I can think of no better purpose to dedicate my life than giving these pigs a great life until they’re great on your table.


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